Arms and Armor

Hungarian Axe

Overall Length: 51 inches
Blade Length: 10 inches
Point of Balance: 36 inches from cross
Weight: 3.3 lbs

Performance Review: As with most axes, most of the weight is centered out towards the head for this particular piece. This axe is nicely balanced. It can be used with a one- or two-handed grip but is very difficult to recover when used one-handed. When swung using two hands, very powerful blows can be generated.

Appearance: This axes only adornment is a grouping of three small holes in the lower part of the axe blade. The blade itself is nicely polished with no grind marks or surface ripples. The axe was buffed to a satin finish. The haft is nicely polished ash to which some dark stain has been appliedand appears to have been affixed to the blade by placing it through the axe head and then splitting it by inserting a wooden wedge.

Conclusion: The Arms & Armor Hungarian Axe reviewed here is a case study in simple yet beautiful lethality. The original was obviously designed to be a brutally efficient weapon and not a show piece. I believe that A&A's reproduction accurately reflects that original design. If the purchaser is looking for a well-made, quality two-handed axe, I highly recommend this piece.